At Marvellous Mirrors we have a mission. To brighten up any home around the world with our handmade trendy mirrors. Looking in the mirror is a great happening. Despite what mood you're in or how you look. We want to share this feeling with our unique mirror designs.


How we started

We started our business from the love of hand making personalized wall mirrors. And to make a welcome change in the overflowing mass production market. As a high end furniture making business we already found out the influence of a wall mirror. Seeing many hotel rooms, homes, restaurants we got a feeling of the difference a mirror can make to a living area. We decided that designing and making mirrors should be our core business as we have something different to offer.

Marcus, the designer and creator of the Marvellous Mirrors and Nanda, customer services.

Our range

Our collection of wall mirrors covers a wide range of designs; it is very diverse. We make art mirrors, mirrors for children's rooms, themed mirrors and modern mirrors.

We develop not only our own ideas but also create from custom requests.